"Dan Falleur at Better Ideas Audio and Video installed our whole house system when we built our home several years ago. Dan did a great job at designing and installing our audio and video system, providing us with everything we wanted and suggesting enhancements which have given us viewing and listening pleasure in the years since. He continues to provide to quality support when our needs change or in the rare instance of equipment problems. He is fast, courteous, professional and a nice guy to work with. And it doesn't hurt that, being a dog lover, Dan doesn't mind our Golden Retriever looking over his shoulder and supervising his work."

                                 Bill R.


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Surround Sound Systems
A home entertainment system using a direct view flat screen television set allows for multiple uses of a room. These systems are less sensitive to ambient light, so that the room does not need to be darkened to use the system. Also, seating arrangements are much less constrictive. Someone can watch a video while others are talking or reading. In general, an entertainment system can co-exist with other family activities in the same room in ways a home theater cannot. Offering a practical balance of a room's functionality and home audio/video experience.

Installing a home theater in an existing room is not a big remodeling project. When properly designed and executed, a fine home theater will do wonders to enhance a room's appearance. If you have a spare wall, we can design a home theater that will make it the most interesting wall in your entire house.

A built-in home entertainment or home theater system increases the value of your home the instant it's installed. Both qualify for home equity or home improvement loans.


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